8 Solo Dreezy Songs That Go As Hard As “Bodak Yellow”

Dreezy was on a silent killing-spree last year, building on organic momentum she had gained as Chicago’s next virtuoso. Dancing, rapping, singing—her skill set often felt incredibly underrated. Last year’s string of high-quality singles, featuring the likes of Gucci Mane and T-Pain, lead to a fantastic debut album that, as shown by the aforementioned singles, balanced unyielding drill cuts with slower R&B joints. On paper, it probably looks like this run was abruptly ended by the woman who’s currently sitting atop the Billboard charts: Bronx native, Cardi B. 

Rap has been a male-dominated genre since its inception, and it seems as if labels only ever want there to be room for one mainstream female rapper. Nicki Minaj boasts her fair share of harder cuts, but she was always pushed as a pop artist (even though most of her pure rapping songs are better than her slower jams), leaving a void in the culture begging to be occupied by another down-to-earth, no-fucks-given female rapper. We’ve already discussed the enigma that is “Bodak Yellow:” proud, defiant and biting in her unfiltered delivery, Cardi B’s chart-topping single is the soundtrack to a classic American underdog story.

But if you felt like you were rooting for an underdog when praising Cardi, you’ll soon come to realize that Dreezy is the biggest underdog in the game right now and one of the most under-appreciated rappers period, regardless of gender. It’s safe to say everyone is ecstatic about Cardi’s success, and we don’t aim to pit female rappers against each other. Pop culture always likes to sniff out beef even when there is none, and we would hate to do the same. Instead, what we’d rather do is spend some well-deserved time with Dreezy’s own arsenal of hard-hitting raps. For this list, we chose to hone in on a few of the songs that possess the same competitive energy of “Bodak Yellow:”

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