New Artist Spotlight: Creepin’ N’ Lurkin’ With Bill $aber

Bill $aber is a budding rapper hailing from Buffalo, the city he derives his name from, with a frantically growing fanbase endearingly known as the “Animals.” In October of 2016, Pigeons & Planes posted an article featuring his horned visage alongside the likes of breakout artists such as XXXtentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God. “Creepin N Lurkin,” his biggest single to date, sits comfortably just under 300k views on both YouTube and SoundCloud, showing off his dark, yet somehow more reserved and smooth take on the rumbling lo-fi wave more commonly found in Florida than in New York. He is reportedly gearing up to drop both a full-length project titled Year of the Ram and an EP with Ronny J, the producer behind some of the hottest songs of the last few years, such as Denzel Curry’s breakout hit “Ultimate” and Lil Pump’s SoundCloud-chart-topping “Molly.” A few months back, we got a chance to discuss his newfound buzz and aspirations looking towards the future.

I’m sure you always get asked this so I’ll start off with it: what was the inspiration for the hairstyle?
The profile pic I have on all my social media was made [first]. Now, if you go down my Instagram you can see I would get my dreads braided, but to the back. Well, my mother saw the same avi that we all see, but she said “you should get your hair to the front like your avi,” but in my perspective the horns in the avi are going back. So I thought it was cool that she saw it that way and decided to run with it. First time it was done was for the Philly show for Xavier Wulf.

What do you think of Pigeons and Planes‘ comparison of you to artists like XXXtentacion and Syringe? Would you ever want to collaborate with those artists, and what other artists would you like to work with?
I thought it was a major blessing and super cool. Like this was my first major blog post and I’m next to people that are blowing the fuck up. I just knew that I was going to follow suit. They went the extra mile and made my sexy ass the thumbnail. How genius of them. But yeah that was cool as fuck. Yes, Ski the most, I’ve talked to Syringe, he should be on Year Of The Ram, Eric North goes nuts, and obviously if me and X collabed the world would end. I just like working with anyone that’s in their own lane. Nobody on that list sounded like the other. That’s rare. As far as who else I wanna work with, I’ll keep that to myself. I WILL work with everyone I want to. Promise.

How has life changed for you since you began rapping? Do you miss anything about your old life?
No. Fuck being normal. I always saw my name in flashing lights. I would go out and be waiting in line like “I can’t wait till the whole fucking world knows me and I can flex on the people in line. Like “thats what you get for having a 9-5 and not chasing your dreams” lmao.

Speaking of life before rap, how was it growing up in Buffalo?
It’s cool. I’m blessed with the greatest mother on this planet. She kept me safe and showed me that there’s a way to get what you want. Also put me in the right schools and showed me a life that wasn’t your average middle class black family. So thank God.

Bill $aber posing with friends and fans after a show — Scott McIntyre

When Bill $aber gets handed the AUX cord, what does he play?
New music, I keep my ear to whats poppin’. Travis, Thug, Ye, Ski, you know people like that. If it’s hot I heard it before you.

Who would you consider your influences (music or otherwise)?
Lil Wayne 100 percent. As far as music goes. When he came out my brain tried calculating what I was hearing, and it took years for the simplest Weezy bars. Thats when I knew I wanted to do this shit. If you can make people think, you can make them ask questions…and Wayne made me think, and the question after was “could I be one of the best rappers alive too?”

What are your plans regarding music, in both the short term and long term? Any upcoming releases we should be on the lookout for?
That’s easy. I need visuals. So all summer working on that, after I release the EP fully produced by Ronny J. Then YOTR [Year of the Ram] shortly after. Promise.

You can follow Bill $aber on Twitter, SoundCloud, and Instagram.

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