YGTUT Talks Preacher’s Son, Musical Beginnings with Isaiah Rashad, & More

Editor’s note: this interview was originally conducted in February 2015 and is being reposted in honor of the release of YGTUT’s collaborative EP with producer Ducko McFli, Supa EP.

Meet TUT. Birth name Kevin Adams Jr., TUT is a 22-year old rapper hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee, who recently released his first full-length project, Preacher’s Son. As you can probably guess by both his name and the title of his album, TUT is the son of Kevin Adams Sr., a prominent preacher in Chattanooga—but as TUT himself (or anyone who has listened to the album) would tell you, he’s far from perfect.

As somewhat of a coming-of-age story, Preacher’s Son chronicles TUT’s struggle between fitting the mold of what society deems the son of a preacher should be like, and simply being himself—though there’s much more to the album than can be explained in a few sentences. As one of the best projects to come out in 2015 thus far, Preacher’s Son is only the beginning for TUT: he most recently performed at SXSW and expects to release another full-length project by the end of this year. Touting an undeniably high work ethic, TUT is determined to make everyone know his name as the self-proclaimed “youngest king in the game.”

Two of our writers, Taylor Rubright and Ronnie Ramirez, shared the same appreciation for Preacher’s Son, and had the opportunity to have a conversation with TUT to discuss the album, as well as his his beginnings, inspirations, and future ambitions. As someone who wants to spread positivity, TUT radiated humbleness and passion in speaking on both his music and his life. TUT—”The Understood Truth”—is an undoubtedly bright spot in the current hip-hop landscape, and as his art grows, his name will surely follow.

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New Artist Spotlight: Creepin’ N’ Lurkin’ With Bill $aber

Bill $aber is a budding rapper hailing from Buffalo, the city he derives his name from, with a frantically growing fanbase endearingly known as the “Animals.” In October of 2016, Pigeons & Planes posted an article featuring his horned visage alongside the likes of breakout artists such as XXXtentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God. “Creepin N Lurkin,” his biggest single to date, sits comfortably just under 300k views on both YouTube and SoundCloud, showing off his dark, yet somehow more reserved and smooth take on the rumbling lo-fi wave more commonly found in Florida than in New York. He is reportedly gearing up to drop both a full-length project titled Year of the Ram and an EP with Ronny J, the producer behind some of the hottest songs of the last few years, such as Denzel Curry’s breakout hit “Ultimate” and Lil Pump’s SoundCloud-chart-topping “Molly.” A few months back, we got a chance to discuss his newfound buzz and aspirations looking towards the future.

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